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19 March 2020Why Paris? 1900 - 1947 Cancelled
21 November 2019Looking at You, Looking at Me - Women in Western Art
28 February 2019“Passionate Patrons” – Victoria and Albert and the Arts
23 November 2018'Photography - the Art of the Real' - Chiltern Hills Study Day
22 November 2018“The Show Must Go On” - The British Theatre 19-20th century
17 October 2018“The Art of Armour” - Chiltern Hills Study Day
15 February 2018New York, New York
16 November 2017The Patrons of Opulence - the fascinating story of the Marquesses of Bute
16 February 2017Layers of Rome
25 November 2016The Treasures of the Royal Collection, Chiltern Hills Study Day
24 November 2016The Glory of Venice - a city and its music from the 16th - 20th century
17 October 2016The Story of the Tate, Chiltern Hills Study Day
20 September 2016The Story of one family's collecting at Chatsworth, Chiltern Hills Study Day
18 February 2016The Houses of Parliament
19 November 2015The Marquesses of Bute - 'Patrons of Opulence'
19 February 2015Chatsworth - Passions, Personalities & Patronage from 1550 to 2015
20 November 2014East meets West - Japan's Artistic Encounters with the West

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Why Paris? 1900 - 1947 Cancelled Mary Alexander Thursday 19 March 2020

Mary wowed us with her SID on New York New York and promises to do the same when she takes on a virtual tour of Paris. An enjoyable day exploring how and why the city of Paris has acted as both a magnet and a cauldron of talent for aspiring artists and designers.

Whether strolling along new boulevards, calling into a café, nightclub, gallery or popping into the Opera, the descriptions of Zola, Stein. Hemingway and Fitzgerald will accompany the imagery with maps and recreate the sense of ‘being there’.

Whether you have been to Paris recently, or never, Mary will have stories and secrets to share with us!

 Booking open from January 2020


Thirty years' experience as a lecturer, with a BA in History and History of Art and a MA with distinction in History of Art from University College London. Experience includes public lectures in museums, tutoring for the Open University, visiting lecturer at Christie's Education in London, museum curator at Platt Hall, the Gallery of Costume, Manchester. Now a freelance lecturer to various arts, heritage and antiquarian societies. She also worked in Pentagram design consultancy in London and New York, organising conferences and special events. Author of various articles on design and visual awareness issues, her background combines an unusual blend of academic and visual communications skills. Lectured for ADFAS Australia and New Zealand in 2011, 2013 and 2016. Mary is an enthusiastic member and President of The Arts Society Glaven Valley