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14 November 2019Tales of a Mysterious Land: Landscapes, Legends and Archaeology of Ethiopia
10 October 2019A Concise History of our Great British Public Parks
11 July 2019Mime, Marcel Marceau and Mime Festivals
13 June 2019Creativity in British Prisons
09 May 2019Whistler vs Ruskin : Flinging a Pot of Paint in the Public’s Face
11 April 2019Dale Chihuly - the world's foremost glass artist
14 March 2019AGM 10.15 followed by 'Inspired by Stonehenge'
14 February 2019Faber & Faber - 90 years of excellence in cover design
10 January 2019Persephone's Isle - the heritage of Sicily
13 December 2018Air, Angels and Aeroplanes - an artistic study of Air
08 November 2018Learning to Love Le Corbusier - an architectural exploration
11 October 2018Liberty & Co - design and fashion
12 July 2018Charles Saatchi - a Modern Medici
14 June 2018As Good as Gold
10 May 2018Icons - the Art of Russia
12 April 2018The Scoliotic Knight - reconstructing the Real Richard III
08 March 2018Robin and Lucienne Day - Design Pioneers
08 February 2018Votes for Women - Art, Suffragettes and Female Politicians
11 January 2018Beautiful, Beastly, Bizarre - the Art of Hieronymus Bosch
14 December 2017Star of Wonder - Star of Light
09 November 2017Grinling Gibbons - Carver to the Crown
12 October 2017Augustus and Gwen John
13 July 2017The Punch and Judy Show
08 June 2017Contemporary Artists - Anthony Gormley
11 May 2017Letchworth Garden City and Hampstead Garden Suburb
13 April 2017The Legendary Lee Miller
09 March 2017Discovering MacDonald Gill: architect, artist and mapmaker
09 February 2017Bernard Leach and his influence on 20th Century Studio Ceramics
12 January 2017Three Great Families and their Gardens
08 December 2016Mrs Beeton's Christmas
10 November 2016The Power of Jewellery
13 October 2016Berthe Morisot: Impressionist par excellence
14 July 2016Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
09 June 2016The Development of the Drinking Glass:
12 May 2016The Art of Cuisine and the Cuisine of Art
14 April 2016Landscape into Art: Contemporary Sculptors working out of doors
12 November 2015The Victorian House around the World 1840-1910
08 October 2015Discovering Women Artists 1600-1900
09 July 2015Why did Laura Knight become so famous?
11 June 2015The Changing London Skyline
14 May 2015The Founders & Treasures of the Wallace Collection
09 April 2015The Destruction of the Monasteries
09 October 2014Prague - City of the Winter Queen

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Tales of a Mysterious Land: Landscapes, Legends and Archaeology of Ethiopia Louise Schofield Thursday 14 November 2019

Ethiopia is a mysterious and beautiful country steeped in history and legend. Its wonderful people, indomitable of spirit despite their many hardships, live a life that is truly biblical and timeless.  Around them are breathtaking landscapes – rugged mountain ranges, beautiful valleys and extraordinary deserts alive with active volcanoes – inhabited by demons and spirits of local legend. Their ancient history too is populated with evocative names – the Queen of Sheba once ruled over large stretches of the north of the country. The Axumite kingdom that succeeded hers introduced Christianity in the 4th century AD and has left a living legacy in the myriad of colourfully frescoed rock-hewn churches nestling in secret corners of the highlands.


Louise Schofield is an archaeologist who was Curator of Greek Bronze Age and Geometric Antiquities at the British Museum from 1987-2000.  Her book, The Mycenaeans, was co-published by the Getty Museum and the British Museum in 2007. She now writes, lectures and runs international archaeological projects - previously in south-eastern Turkey, Greece and Albania and currently in Ethiopia. And rather wonderfully she has just been appointed Visiting Professor of Archaeology at the American University of Rome.