In May 2001 Barbara Pascall, our President, invited eight friends to her home to discuss the possibility of starting a Nadfas in Marlow. Barbara was interested in joining a local NADFAS but found that most of the local groups had long waiting lists so Barbara decided to explore the possibility of starting a new society in Marlow. The steering committee set about the task with relish, assisted by Ruth Bullock, the NADFAS New Societies Adviser, and by September they had reached the magic figure of over 150 members.

The first lecture took place on Thursday 11 October 2001 and was given by Caroline Knight speaking on 'The Grand Tour: Travel and Collecting in the Eighteenth Century'. Since then the society has grown to 200 members with a long waiting list proving to be a very popular society with members from Marlow and the surrounding area.

In May 2017 the decision was taken by the national organisation to change the name from NADFAS to ‚ÄčTHE ARTS SOCIETY and the name we have now adopted is THE ARTS SOCIETY MARLOW.